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Lets Harvest!!

Honey Extractor

Everything you need for Honey Harvesting

1- 20 KG Bucket with Honey Gate and uncapping bench to hold the frame

2- Double Layer Stainless Steel Honey Filter

3- New Style Uncapping Fork

4- Scratching Fork

5- Stainless Steel Uncapping Knife

6-Uncaping Bench 

OPTIONAL Three  or Four Frames Frames Manual Honey Extractor 

  • Made in Europe 
  • High-Class Machinery, Advanced OZ ARMOUR Beekeeping Technology
  • .50 mm sheet thickness
  • SS 304 Food Grade steel
  • Chrome-plated basket SS 304
  • Electrostatic painted foot and protection ring
  • Unbreakable transparent cover
  • Stainless Steel honey gate
  • Can take Full Depth or  half Size (Ideal) Frames